Storage Point – Extending a site

Storage point allows you to extend site content into encrypted BLOB located on a common drive (end point).

Each Storage Point  endpoint  can contain multiple sites ( profiles ). In order to simplify, Storage Point endpoint is a folder on a given drive that will be used to store SharePoint  BLOBs ( and document, file, media… ).

High level Steps for extending a site :

  1. First identify the site you want to extend on your farm, and provide the following information :
    • Site Name and path :
    • Is it a site collection :
    • Site content database :
    • is it a dedicated content database:
  2. Create a site backup.
  3. Create an Storage Point endpoint or use exiting one.
  4. Create a Storage Point profile using the exiting or new created endpoint.
  5. Run the extending job.
  6. Check files and make sure they have been extended.