SharePoint 2016 InfoPath Forms not working

After migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 using the detach attach method using SharePoint 2013 in between, we have noticed that libraries using InfoPath forms not working anymore. When a user try to create a new form or edit/view exiting one they get the following error with a correlation ID:

There has been an error while loading the form. Click Try again to attempt to load the form again. If this error persists, contact the support team for the Web site.

Activation could not be completed because the InfoPath Forms Services support feature is not present.

Correlation ID:45bef59e-7199-d085-6251-a11e0e55fdcf

I have researched this error and find some blogs which suggested to activate and deactivate the InfoPath service on the SharePoint website using the following PowerShell :

Disable-SPFeature "IPFSSiteFeatures" -url ""
Enable-SPFeature "IPFSSiteFeatures" -url ""
Disable-SPFeature "IPFswebFeatures" -url ""
Enable-SPFeature "IPFswebFeatures" -url "" 

which didn’t seems to change the behavior. additional suggested was to deactivate and activate the office enterprise feature on the site collection and sub site level. this also didn’t resolve the issue in my case.

In order to collect log related to the correlation id, I have used the following PowerShell:

Set-SPLogLevel -TraceSeverity Verbose -EventSeverity Verbose

working with Microsoft on this we did find out that the document library containing the InfoPath for was using the option show the document on the browser. once we switched this option using  to present the form on the client the error stopped but we found issues related to hard coded URL pointing to the 2010 farm. Once we republished the form with the correct URL’s the form presented as expected on the client. However the from still didn’t work on the web client which is required since a lot of our users don’t have InfoPath installed on their client.

another issue we found is that after running the InfoPath service with the PowerShell code above it is now not showing the error but always open it on the client which is not the desired behavior.

Using Chrome we getting this error when trying to open the form :

This form cannot be opened in a Web browser. To open this form, use Microsoft InfoPath.

while waiting on Microsoft to analyze the logs I found the solution was to republish the info path form with the option “Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser” checked.

These are the steps :

  1. Go to the Advance Settings of the document library with the InfoPath form.
  2. On the Document Template click on the link “Edit Template” link to open the info path form in edit mode.( you need to have the info path tool install on your client)
  3. on the InfoPath tool select publish on the left nav.
  4. select Publish form to a SharePoint Library
  5. check “Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser”
  6. Publish



I would like to give a shout out and thanks to Pankaj Jambhale from Microsoft support for working on this issue with me. He really cared and invested time trying resolve the issue, even though I was able to resolve the issue in the end, he helped me scope the issue, and resolve other problems during the process.