Set E-mail on a sub folder in a SharePoint document library – options

So we know we can set email on a document library and lists in SharePoint including :

  • Document, picture, or form library
  • Announcements list
  • Calendar list
  • Discussion board
  • Blog


But what about a subfolders in a document library, what if the user want an e-mail messages to land on a subfolder and not on the root folder, on a given document library.

By default there is no a magic setup that will enable you set a subfolder to receive emails. The alternative options are :

  1. Workflow with SharePoint designer.
  2. Use Nintex – site or document library workflow.
  3. Custom Event Handler – you will also need to use  SharePoint PowerShell to allow event to work on email messages.
  4. Exchange Email to SharePoint connector using Managed folders.