How to search AD in windows 10

The requirement is to be able to search users and groups within your domain using windows Find Users, Contacts, and Group tool.

Click on the Windows symbol on the bottom left corner.

Type “run” and pick the run  desktop app

Copy paste the following command into the textbox

windows 7:  C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe  dsquery.dll,OpenQueryWindow

Windows 10 :  rundll32 dsquery.dll,OpenQueryWindow

 AD search window should  open:


    1. On the top window you have a drop-down button called Entire Directory , you can select from the drop-down which domain you want to search.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        I was aware about that, but can’t change it there.
        Was wondering is there was any way of doing it in the string: rundll32 dsquery.dll,OpenQueryWindow ?

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