Detach Attach content database migration from 2010 to 2013

You can use the Detach Attach technic to migrate site collection from a 2010 farm to a 2013 farm following these steps :

Detach Attach High level steps

The main steps of moving and upgrading sharepoint 2010 site collection to a sharepoint 2013 farm
Upgrade high level steps

Detach Attach Detailed steps

  1. Find out your site collection content DB name.
  2. Plan for capacity.
  3. Clean up before you upgrade
  4. Detach the content DB from the source farm containing your site collection( important when you have active workflows ).
  5. backup the content DB.
  6. Reattach the contend DB to the same source farm restoring the site to its initial state.
  7. restore the content DB from the backup to the target SQL server ( done by DBA ), make sure permission for the restored DB matches other content DB on the SQL server, so the SP_Farm account for example have to have DB creator on this DB.
  8. Test-SPcontentdatabase run PowerShell command to test the DB and produce pre mounting report
  9. Examine the report and resolve errors and warning by copying customizations (web-parts, features ) to the new farm.
  10. Mount-SPcontentdatabase Mount the Content Db using PowerShell
  11. Upgrade site collection to the new look and feel of SharePoint 2013


  1. the target 2013 farm is already installed
  2. web application already setup
  3. *copy service application database from the 2010 to 2013



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