StoragePoint – New document not being extended or blobbed

After creating a new profile in storage point for a new SP site, I run the job StoragePoint BLOB Externalization, the job run successfully with no errors and reviewing the target path I was able to confirm the SharePoint site documents were Externalized.

However when I added new documents to the site I have noticed they were not exenterated, in my case the problem was storage running out of space, in other words the target drive was full.

Get to storage point admin – Central Administration -> Application Management


End point settings – Storage end point


Storage Point Settings for the site : Storage Profiles this one is based on a content DB, so in order to know which site is sharing this content DB we need to use the following power shell


this PowerShell script will output all content DB on the farm and the sites using each content DB.  get-spsite -limit all | select url,contentdatabase

now to check if the file was exenterated pick the latest file from a document library right click and select Storage Point Details :

StoragePointSiteFiles  StoragePointSiteFilesDetails1