SharePoint in Office365

SharePoint online is used as the back-end storage platform for a lot of the office365 features including  365Videos, Planner, Teams, Yammer, Groups, OneDrive, Delve, PowerApps, and Flow. SharePoint is also the platform that allow Admins and users to create their own sites collections and websites, this alow the user to create  logical content containers through websites with their own security and navigation.


These are the services leveraging SharePoint today in Office365:

    • 365 Video – Each channel is a SharePoint site collection.
    • Planner – Basic task management for teams with multiple projects. This tools has dependencies on Groups which is related to Group mailbox or distribution list and SharePoint site collection.
    • Teams – A collaboration tool which enables group chats/conversation with the ability for the group member to share documents on a common platform. Each team is associated with a group which is associated to a mailbox, SharePoint site collection and planner.
    • Yammer – Social medial tool which enables collaboration through Discussion board/ Forum platform .
    • Groups – keychain for office 365 services which also support Planner and team. Each group creation creates a SharePoint site.  groups are used in the background to associate users to Office365 features/Apps. the underlying engine for group content collaboration is a SharePoint site.
    • OneDrive – main driver for storing personal files is still being used for sharing information across the office 365 platform.
    • Delve – Delve profiles which replace SharePoint My Site Profiles, and content gathering from SharePoint, outlook, OneDrive, Videos, and groups.
    • PowerApps – Tool for building browser and mobile base apps.
    • Flow- workflow tool with connector to different applications.
  • When planning governance around those feature  consider the following:
    •  Boundaries and Limitations
    •  Management Control
    • Integration points
    • Impact to SharePoint