Remove the comma in SharePoint Numeric field


These are the options available :

Turn the field into a text field, and on the field’s validation rule add the following formula:

    1. =ISNUMBER([ColumnName]+0)
    2. The down side is that you are losing sorting on a numeric field which turns into alphanumeric sort.

If the field is truly numeric  for example an invoice total, or VAT,  consider leaving the value as numeric, since it may be used elsewhere in the application for mathematical calculation. Transforming exiting field type is more problematic since it may impact your custom coding or system calculations.

The above method is useful when you deal with ID or PO numbers, and  where the value is not used for any other purpose than a representation of a number rather then in a  true  a numeric sense for calculation.

2.   Other options include client side code using CSS, JavaScript, or Jquery.

Example of Jquery code for replacing the comma :

var numberinput=$(“#ElementId”) numberinput.val(numberinput.val().replace(/,/g,“”))

The drawback of this example, is that it needs to be executed on each page where this field is present, also  consider when you deal with large list or reports, this replace method is done after the list is loaded on the client, and you may experience a delay in page rendering.