Office365 and MS Teams UserVoice

Microsoft User-voice is a Forum based website that allows office 365 users to provide customer feedback, and propose changes to the Office365 applications, Including Word, excel, MS Teams, and others. Users can enter a new request, or vote on an exiting proposal, already raised by the office 365 community. Proposals with the highest number of votes which aligns with Microsoft initiatives, will be promoted in their Microsoft’s production queue. Microsoft is invested in changing their product based on user input, and this is an opportunity for you to make a difference. This is where your vote counts. 

If you have in your organization a power user group for office35, you can encourage them in one of their meetings, to go into Microsoft User-Voice, and vote for features they believe can improve their productivity. 

So how you vote: 

MS Teams has it’s own user-voice site while other application including word, excel, and others are serviced through another user-voice site. 

For  MS Teams use the flowing URL: .

For any other office365 products user-voice use the URL: .