Migration plan for SharePoint 2016

This High level plan from 2013 to 2016 farm has a low impact on the BU’s and allows testing while migration progress.
plan includes :

  1. Build 2016 farm
  2. Moving 2013 Databases to new 2016 farm
    1. Allocate storage
    2. Move content Databases
    3. Move configuration Databases ( search, metadata, user profile …)
  3. Detach attach content databases
    1. Check Database compatibility
    2. Check orphan objects
    3. Check premigration errors.
  4. If using the same domain on both environments, extends site to different domains to allow backdoor access for incremental and pre and post migration connectivity between environments.
  5. Run incremental using content matrix
    1. Run big incremental and daily incremental and evaluate the average time needed for each site.
  6. Make sure navigation is working correctly on all sites
    1. Make sure both top level and page level navigation working the same as production.

Test :

  1. Search is working and the new farm is fully indexed .
  2. Web parts migrated and working as expected.
  3. Landing page for each site collection working as expected.
  4. SMTP is configured as production
  5. WebDav is installed and users can use UNC path
  6. Same ports are open in both production environment
  7. Backups are working on both production environment
  8. Run full user profile synchronization
  9. Security settings are the same.
  10. Latest documents from the last day are in the new farm and passed in the last incremental migration.
  11. Make sure new farm have enough resources ( storage ram … )
  12. Make sure Load balancer rules the same as the 2013 environment.
  13. Test that users can get emails alerts.
  14. Uploading documents.
  15. Upload documents through email attachments to email enable document library.
  16. Move files using UNC path.