How to find out SharePoint Site collection size

There are few ways to find out your SharePoint site size, some of the options I will provide below are best for single site queries, but if you need to list all or few site collections size I will provide the PowerShell option as well.

By the way SharePoint site size is not an obvious figure, I will touch on this point at the end of this post .

  1. if you have site collection administrator rights you can go to “Site Settings” at the root level and use the “Storage Metrics” option under the “Site Collection Administration” category. this will provide you a list of all sub sites, folders and their size. this list is paginated and depends on the number of sites  and folders in your site collection, it can be difficult to navigate, this option however does provide you with a more detailed view if you need it rather than just the size of the site. 
  2. You can also use SharePoint designer to  find the size of your site collection. just open a site collection with designer and on the homepage under “Site Information” there is an indication for Total Storage Used:
  3. you can use central Site Collection Quotas and Locks configuration following these steps:
    1. Central Admin – > Application Management – > Configure quotas and locks
    2. Change the site collection on the first row to your site collection.
    3. Find the Current Storage Used value
    4. Using 3th party tools like ControlPoint, Sharegate, or others.
    5. using the power shell option:
$spsite = Get-SPSite “http://yourdomain/yoursite”
$spsite | select @{Name="Size"; Expression={"{0:N2} MB" -f ($_.Usage.Storage/1000000)}}