How to change user display name in SharePoint

  1. Get the user login name through AD search or by searching the user within SharePoint.
  2. Search user profile on the loin name
  3. change the claim base and ADFS instances properties
    1. On the Profile Manager in Central Admin, change the first name, last name, and most important Name







3.  run the following power shell scripts :

get-spuser -Identity "i:0#.w|na\loginname" -Web "" 
Set-SPUser -Identity ‘i:0#.w|na\loginname’ -DisplayName ‘lastname, firstname’ -Web 
$u = get-SPUser -Web -limit all | Where-Object {$_.userlogin -eq "i:0#.w|na\loginname’ "}
Set-SPUser $u -SyncFromAD