SharePoint online different site types

Well … you might think it’s simple, and in away it is, you are just click a way from creating a SharePoint site  on your office 365 platform to find out later on the road, that you created the wrong share point site type.

SharePoint online is a moving target like the entire office 365 suit, it is an evolving environment/Ecosystem  which keep on changing based on the user community input.

Currently there are three ways to create sharepoint sites in office 365:

The old way  : A new site collection or a sub-site under your domain main site collection.

Creating a team site – Quick and light Wight predefined SharePoint site for collaboration between team members. Some will say it reminds them of Slack.

Groups – Between the two plus sharing calendars, emails, and storage space between team members.


Method ___________________ Pros _______________________________________ Cons _______________________________________
Teams Quick and easy to create team collaboration site with pre defined features. Lists and other features and apps not included. need to download client. don’t support customization

will be created under the /sites/

SharePoint Robust site collection with multiple sub-sites, supports most of the known feathers from the On-premises version. do not support server side coding. Requires SP pros the setup correctly. needs to manage permission.

dedicated managed path domainname/sitename

Groups Share Calendar and events  with the group, predefined collaboration site template !,

Creates AD group automatically

doesn’t include : versioning, views, metadata, workflow, and other features available in SharePoint online.

will be created under the /sites/

Modern page do not have a full length one columns view. only 70% of the page is used.