Page published but changes are not visible to the end-user?

This happens when related document to your page are not published, for example style sheet or JavaScript. sometimes the reason is an approval work flow that is tied to the document library, and sometimes you will need to republish the page, or just kick your machine twice.

Chrome doesn’t open Excel documents like Explorer, why?

A bummer, and you are right it doesn’t, not by default. Chrome and explorer have different behavior when opening Office documents. In Explorer a word document for example, will open on the client application i.e Word (if that was the setting on the SP document library), however with Chrome,  the document will be downloaded, which becomes an hassle, since you need to work on an offline copy and then upload it again. A way to avoid this behavior is by selecting the “Always open files of this type”. see the snapshot below. When you initially click on the file, Chrome will automatically try to download the copy and will provide you with the status of the download on the status bar. clicking on the downloaded file options ( arrow down ) will provide you the option to instruct Chrome to open the file instead of downloading it, from that point you should be able to have the same behavior as Explorer….. I hope….praying will help too…

IMG_5298 (002)