Hip Replacement Journal Part Three – Getting ready is not easy

I had nine months to get ready for surgery. I have started riding my bike everywhere: to work, forest preserves near our house, bike trails, grocery store, and my favorite, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, I remember vividly the sunrises and the sunsets over the Japanese garden lake which like a mirror reflected the Japanese tree sculptures, it was so peaceful, religious like.

You would see people covered with tattoos with the most wicked 20 speed bike gazing like kids with awe to the sunset, and just like you they are taking a break from life.

I am sure everyone can find this peaceful place close to their houses, just ride there in the sunrise or the sunset and wait…

I even tried to convince my wife to ride the bike with me but she was too afraid, so I bought a tandem bike for us to ride together, and since than she is hooked. This is the only mode of transportation that she doesn’t give me instructions on how to drive and taking the navigation role, we are having the best time when we bike together.

When I started riding the bike I got really frustrated that everyone was passing me including the one that were just walking. It felt like I’m riding in reverse, I hated the most when all the other riders were letting me know I’m slow by shouting “ON YOUR LEFT” just before they zoomed by me on my left side, which really sounded like the “BIP BIP” from the Road Runner and the Coyote. Only when I stopped measuring time, or caring about how I’m doing comparing my time to everyone’s else’s, I started riding for the joy of it. And the joy of riding is to see things in a slower paste, see people talking in their cars, seeing deer staring out of the woods, waiting for Skunks or Raccoons to cross the roads, or seeing wild geese flying above. Sometime beautiful experiences are free we just need to stop for a second or ride the bike.

My purpose though for riding the bike was to lose weight and get into shape, which I did, I dropped 40 pounds in seven months, including a change in my diet that essentially was eating cardboard only!  Known as Keto diet or Zero carbs diet. In other words, no sugar or forms of high carbs products including: all sweets, fruits, starches, bread, pasta… so what left …. Not much really, but surprising myself I was able to keep on this diet for quite some time.

The problem when you hit 50, sorry taking it back! when 50 hits you! Because really, I didn’t do anything to 50′ but 50 did a lot to me, so, 50 hit me first. So when you get to that age taking big breaths near a bakery shop may cause you to gain a few pounds, losing those ponds will happen only if you lift a semi-trailer for a week. Ok, so maybe I exaggerated just a tiny bit, but you get my drift. It is much easier to gain weight than losing it over 50. Therefore, you always need to be aware about what you eat after 50 or run the matron every other month, which sucks.

Other way to prepare to surgery, which I haven’t done, and I think retroactively would have helped during recovery and surgery is stretching. I don’t mean the way you stretch before going into a pool or riding a bike. I mean an hour of Yoga, Stretching class, or Pilates. The reason I think it helps is because during the procedure, the surgent need to dislocate your Femur from your Hip, the only thing keeping this structure together is your muscles and ligaments. Logically if you have more flexible muscles and ligaments less tears will happen when the surgent dislocates your femur. This is my uneducated theory which I am going to pass through my surgent when I see him after recovery.

Make sure your blood sugar and blood pressure are under control.

Make sure blood works are OK and your protein level are normal protein helps in the recovery process; some doctors will also suggests boosting your protein levels by drinking protein shakes.

Make sure you are not bleeding from the land under, meaning while relieving yourself in the restroom. After surgery, you will start to take blood thinner drugs to prevents clots. Any injury including internal bleeding from your colon can be dangerous.

Boost your immune system with vitamins and Take the flu shot you don’t want to get sick before surgery.

Take a seminar if offered by your health-care provider on the surgery. I took mine a week before the surgery, and I suggest taking this class a month ahead.

Stope taking pain killers based on IBROPROPHEAN two weeks before surgery

Prepare paperwork – power of attorney and others  …

Fast 24 hours before surgery

  • Next part will be surgery day the the Philippines connection

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