Hip Replacement Journal Day One

Day one I need to see a doctor

 For me, Day one started a year and a half ago with an unfamiliar dull and insignificant pain on my left leg. “It will pass” I convinced myself, and it actually did… for a little while anyway. Not every day I had this pain, it would come and go. So maybe it’s the weather and me hitting 50, I thought to myself. Then I started noticing that everyday normal activities, started to be difficult, like lifting things out of the floor, sitting leg on leg, and climbing my bike. Maybe I’m just getting old and lazy I thought to myself. A few months passed, and by then the pain came to visit with more gusto and brought some friends along. No more one type of pain, the dull pain was accompanied with shooting pain across my leg from the left hip to my knee, for a moment I could see stars in the middle of the day, and it was  not a pretty sight.

The pain was here to stay, and I started cursing the pain and screaming in my brain when it hurt, the pain was real. Few more weeks and tying my shoes on the left leg was not so easy anymore, well… it never was I hate those loops, but you know what I mean.

 It amazes me how creative I became in overcoming the pain, walking slowly pretending its cool. Switching to sinkers without laces or socks.  The pain though was still growing to the point that getting into the car I had to lift my leg with my hands… ok, this is not normal. Also climbing the bicycle was not easy anymore I had to stretch before each ride just to be able to clime the bike.

 With the above condition, I went on a trip with my family to NY and walked for miles on NY streets (well I had a cane just in case … which the case came more often than I wanted). I also visited the beautiful state of Arizona, and did some short tracking in Sedona and the Grand Canyon, but by then I had to use the cane all the time when tracking. And when I visited Boston universities with my family this year I found myself needing to rest more often, just to relax the pain. Each time I walked more the pain grew stronger I never thought you can cry in your dreams, but I did. For the outside person though I walked normal without a limp, I was normal (I really made effort not to limp if it got to the point I would rest and wait until I can continue without limping) GEVER GEVER ( Matcho Matcho )… de micolo.

 So, by now I have multiple supporting evidence to something, and it’s time to find out what the hell is going on since it’s not going away.  The problem with my case was that all the above didn’t really stopped me doing my day to day normal activates. So, it took me some time to get to that Day One realization that I need a doctor, and worse that I need help.

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